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06 April 2009

Making Money Online through Writing – The PLR Way (Part 2)

What would you need?

Writing skills, of course. But you can also hire somebody to write for you instead (a.k.a. ghostwriter). Just consider the extra cost because you’ll be paying them. Nevertheless, your articles have to be of good content. Otherwise, you’ll need real great selling skills instead to be able to market a poor quality article. Remember, people will be using your article, probably, as web content. And they are paying for it. So make it worth the price. And never mind if people would edit it anyway. 

For the basics you’ll also need a PC system with a word processor, an internet connection and a website (a simple one will do) where you’ll be selling your PLR articles.

How to get started?

First off, you’re selling articles in package, probably with 2 or more different articles for a single topic. Consider how much you’ll charge for it. Remember that different people have different budget lines. 

How do you sell it?

When you’re selling PLR, meaning, you’re offering your articles to potential customers. Match your article content with the right people. Find the right people on the web and offer them your work. Because you’re offering a specific product, target also a niche market. You can find lots of them in online communities – in social sites and forums. For a start you can email them after you have established connection.

Having your own website is also plus. This is where you’ll introduce yourself and what you’re selling. It can serve as your online store and virtual office, which add up to a more professional look. Whenever you have contacts, you can just direct them to your website’s URL.  And it’s much easier than sending business letter emails to mailing lists.

So why again is writing PLR profitable? Because website content is always in-demand. It’s a fact that many websites are looking for web content and web content writers as well. That’s one reason you’ll never run out of potential customers.

So if you’re writing and want to try free lance, PLR is a great opportunity. To cash in money from this, it depends on your skills, content, and marketing.


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