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04 April 2009

Clickbank Now Available in the Philippines

Yes, that's right.  I just registered with Clickbank and I have seen it with my own eyes that it has now included Philippines as one of its participating countries. Ain't that great or what? 

You can now choose from a wide array of products in the marketplace then sell them! Commissions range from 30 to 75%. Just remember though, NO SPAMMING! Try to be creative in selling the products of your interest. Remember that YOU represent the product that you are selling. So, before you think of your own commission think about your customers, too. Last, try to carefully pick the products that you're selling. Not only should you consider if the products are of your interest, but also try to "dissect" if the product is worth selling. It pays to choose wisely.

Happy Selling!


Nightfall said...

It's great that the Philippines is now included on their list.

JC said...

I agree. Filipinos will now have a better experience with affiliate marketing now that Clickbank can be included in their list of means for earning money online.

missgiftsphilippines said...

that's a great news. :) glad about it.

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