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24 April 2009

Get Paid to Post - Part 1

Smorty is a blog advertising service that connects advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers create their campaign and set how much bid per post. In return, bloggers write reviews for the advertiser (either for a product or service) to include in their blog, submit their post for the advertiser’s approval, and get paid when their post gets approved.

You have to register first to be able to submit your blog. It’s free to sign-up and create an account. You can submit a maximum of 10 blogs under 1 account.

Some basic requirements (out of 25 criteria) for your blog before it gets approved and included by Smorty:

- It should be indexed by Google and Yahoo

- It should be more than 1-month old

- It should have no obscene, offensive content (violent, adult, racism contents etc.)

- It should contain a minimum of 2 new post each week.

- It should not have any duplicate post

Smorty considers the blogger’s ranking on Google. Its 5-star rating system is based on the number of (high and low) paid campaign offers the blogger will get. The higher your ranking, the more campaign offers you are likely to receive, including higher priced campaigns. Bloggers are offered paid campaigns starting from $6 up, with some offering $60 and even $100 per article.

Offered campaigns are sent via email along with additional instructions such as task and deadlines. Usually you have to submit your post/review within 24 hours upon receiving the assignment and you’ll be notified within 72 hours whether your post is approved or not.

Some guidelines regarding writing the review:

1. Your review must be unique/original and relevant for that specific campaign.

2. You have to include anchor text in your review that directs to the advertiser’s page.

3. You also need to include only 1 outbound link URL provided by the campaign owners.

4. Post length must between 150 - 400 words.

How do you get paid?

Bloggers get paid weekly through PayPal for their approved post. Commissions from pay-per-click & pay-per-view ads are paid monthly.

Another way to get paid by Smorty is by referring other bloggers to them. You can either put affiliate banners in your blog or “get this widget” link, and you get credit when bloggers click through your links and signup. You can place the Smorty affiliate banners in your blog’s side columns, included in your post, at the end of your post, and header and footer.

You get 5% commission from the total income earned by your referred blogger from Smorty. You only get paid when the post of your referred blogger gets approved. So while he’s being paid for his post, you also get your cut from that. Your commissions are added to your approved post payment weekly (monthly if you’re using Digxa mini store widget).

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog


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