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24 March 2009

Earning from Home

I know I haven’t been able to go into the details of how I’ve been earning from home during my previous posts. Not that I intended to do it. I’m saying this because some have actually emailed me saying, “When are you gonna give us the juicy part of earning from home?” Sorry if I have kept you in suspense.  I have really allotted a lot of time to gather all the good stuff so I could give it to you blow by blow.  Besides, it would defeat the purpose of getting you guys geared up first if you’d eventually be at a loss when you decide to immediately start earning. Believe me, it’s more financially rewarding if you’re able to have the right mindset first.

Let me give you a glimpse now of the so-called “juicy part” of earning from home:

Freelance Job Sites. There are hundreds out there, but the most that really give me one gig after another is a site called oDesk Payout is every week thru either Paypal or Payoneer (although there are other methods of payments, these two are the best ones for me)

oDesk was also the same site who sent me one reject email after another when I was just starting… It really pays to be patient (literally). 

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

By Earning from Blogs.  Just exactly what I’m doing right now with this site.  Those ads can work wonders in giving you another means for earning from home. With just a little SEO and proper ad placement plus some strategy to drive traffic, you’re on your way to making a second source of (passive) income.  

Below are my money makers as of to date:

Google Adsense



I’ll leave it up to you to choose which of the above earning from home options work for you. If you ask me, it wouldn’t hurt to have one active and one passive income ;-).

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Anonymous said...

I've been wanting and waiting to have an income from home and through the internet,I just hope this article I came across could really help me not only financially but to make me a more responsible individual.I'm nearing my senior and I dont want my mind to be stagnant.

Spy on Gadgets said...

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Crystal Yorker said...

I love being able to make money from home. I do web programming and freelance copywriing for a couple clients and on I'm a high school teacher and it's nice to be able to make some extra money, especially during the summer when I have a lot of free time.

Sadia Noor said...

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Nheri Rose Gumayagay said...

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