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25 April 2009

Get Paid to Post - Part 2

PayPerPost (PPP) is another paid-to-blog service. In PPP, bloggers are called Posties and to date, PPP boasts of having the largest sponsored content marketplace in the world. 

Unlike other paid-blogging services that offer campaigns, in PPP you can choose which particular subject you want to write about. Upon registration, you can browse through the marketplace for “opportunities” posted by advertisers and choose the ones you like – preferably most relevant to your blog.

While pro-bloggers can charge advertisers their rate-per-post, other paid-blogging services usually get a large cut from that because they serve as middlemen between the advertisers and the blogger. If your blog is generating enough traffic, you can opt for PayPerPost Direct, a system which allows the blogger to deal directly with PPP advertisers.

You can put PayPerPost Direct’s widget in your blog.  If an advertiser would want to include a sponsored posting in your blog, they can just click on the widget to be directed to you. It would then handle the requirements for a complete transaction such as negotiation, payment processing and tax reporting for a 1-time 10% service fee. This feature is available for all PPP bloggers for TypePad and Blogger.

For PPP’s referral program, you can get paid when others sign up through your Referral Badge and SignUp Forms. Under the Referral Badge, you earn $15 when your referred blogger also gets payment for his approved post. For the SignUp Forms, when your referred blogger joined PPP through your SignUp form, you get paid when your referred blogger also get paid. The same thing if an advertiser sign up through this form, you get paid after the advertiser made the first deposit.

Payment is via PayPal.

For other paid to post opportunities, you may visit Filipina Freelancer's Top 10

24 April 2009

Get Paid to Post - Part 1

Smorty is a blog advertising service that connects advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers create their campaign and set how much bid per post. In return, bloggers write reviews for the advertiser (either for a product or service) to include in their blog, submit their post for the advertiser’s approval, and get paid when their post gets approved.

You have to register first to be able to submit your blog. It’s free to sign-up and create an account. You can submit a maximum of 10 blogs under 1 account.

Some basic requirements (out of 25 criteria) for your blog before it gets approved and included by Smorty:

- It should be indexed by Google and Yahoo

- It should be more than 1-month old

- It should have no obscene, offensive content (violent, adult, racism contents etc.)

- It should contain a minimum of 2 new post each week.

- It should not have any duplicate post

Smorty considers the blogger’s ranking on Google. Its 5-star rating system is based on the number of (high and low) paid campaign offers the blogger will get. The higher your ranking, the more campaign offers you are likely to receive, including higher priced campaigns. Bloggers are offered paid campaigns starting from $6 up, with some offering $60 and even $100 per article.

Offered campaigns are sent via email along with additional instructions such as task and deadlines. Usually you have to submit your post/review within 24 hours upon receiving the assignment and you’ll be notified within 72 hours whether your post is approved or not.

Some guidelines regarding writing the review:

1. Your review must be unique/original and relevant for that specific campaign.

2. You have to include anchor text in your review that directs to the advertiser’s page.

3. You also need to include only 1 outbound link URL provided by the campaign owners.

4. Post length must between 150 - 400 words.

How do you get paid?

Bloggers get paid weekly through PayPal for their approved post. Commissions from pay-per-click & pay-per-view ads are paid monthly.

Another way to get paid by Smorty is by referring other bloggers to them. You can either put affiliate banners in your blog or “get this widget” link, and you get credit when bloggers click through your links and signup. You can place the Smorty affiliate banners in your blog’s side columns, included in your post, at the end of your post, and header and footer.

You get 5% commission from the total income earned by your referred blogger from Smorty. You only get paid when the post of your referred blogger gets approved. So while he’s being paid for his post, you also get your cut from that. Your commissions are added to your approved post payment weekly (monthly if you’re using Digxa mini store widget).

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

20 April 2009

Thank You for Joining the PinayProject Community

There are actually three things that I am thankful for today. Among the three, the PinayProject Community is the one that I am most grateful for. 

Here goes...

It's been almost a week since the PinayProject Community started. I would like to thank all those who joined. To those who have not joined yet, please feel free to join and share and discover more work from home ideas. We are open to suggestions that will make PinayProject a productive and learning experience. 

Next, my blog has been reviewed recently. I am just thankful that despite the fact that PinayProject is just a month old with just a few number of posts, I didn't realize that there were people who have seen the potential of this blog to grow (I am actually surprised that this was realized at this point in time, considering that I still have a Pagerank of Zero - hahahaha). More than anything else, I am just happy that people envision PinayProject as a good resource that will benefit those who want to successful in working from home.

Last, I'm glad that there were quite a number of people who joined oDesk recently. Some of them took the time to email and thank me for sharing oDesk with them. Some of them already started their first gig, while others who just joined a few days ago are still waiting. I wish them the best of luck and I hope that the tips I have posted previously would help them.  To those who have not joined yet, you can join by clicking on this link.

Now, as my way of expressing my heartfelt thanks to you all, I have added an email subscription form to this blog. I know this is something common to all blogs, but it is an indication of my commitment to YOU. In the next coming weeks, expect more ideas and insights that will make your work from home experience more rewarding.  

Stay tuned!

09 April 2009

How to Become an oDesk Freelance Provider

Ever since I started my freelancing career with oDesk, a lot of people have been asking me how they should go about the registration process as a freelance provider. I figured it may not be as easy as registering for an email account that I decided to post oDesk's registration instructions here.

So, to you folks out there, this is for you:

1. Click on this link to go to start your oDesk registration

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

2. Click on the 'Create an Account' link in the upper right hand corner of the oDesk homepage.

3. Select Freelance Provider - I want to earn money as an independent contractor.

4. Fill out the form that appears. Double check all your entries before you click the continue button.

NOTE: Pay special attention to the Username box. It will be automatically filled out by oDesk (usually, it will be a combination your first initial and last name). You will not be able change your username after your account has been created.

5. You will see the 'Post your Profile: Checklist'. You have to complete all four sections before you can start applying to jobs.

6. Check the email address you provided in step 2 above. Look for an email with the subject: Please verify your email address. Click the link in the email, or paste the URL into your browser. When the page loads, press 'Click here to continue.'

7. Fill out your contact information. You must provide a Yahoo Messenger ID (for interviewing with buyers), phone number (in case oDesk needs to contact you about your account), City, Country, and Timezone. Although not required, we would appreciate your letting us know how you heard about oDesk - please be as specific as possible. Double check all your entries before you press the Save and Continue button.

NOTE: Be especially careful when selecting a country. It will not be user-editable in your profile (you'll have to contact oDesk support if you need to change it).

8. Now you are ready to complete the initial setup of your oDesk profile. Select the job categories you are interested in. Check the box next to Job Alerts if you want to receive job listing updates via email (you'll be able to set up an RSS/Atom Feed later, if you prefer). Select a Primary Role (the job title that sounds most like what you're looking for). Set the Hourly Rate to display in your profile (buyers will see the calculated total). Select your availability (between 5-40 hours per week). Fill in a title for yourself, and try to make it sound interesting. Double check all your entries before you press the Save and Continue button.

9. Review the oDesk Marketplace User Agreement. You may click the Printable version link for a file you can save for your records. After you've reviewed the User Agreement, you will need to check the box to indicate that you agree to our terms, conditions, and policies. Then press the Save and Continue button.

10. Now you should have a green check mark next to all four steps on the profile checklist. Press the Post my Profile button to officially list yourself as an oDesk provider.

11. You'll be taken directly to the Profile & Settings portion of the My oDesk tab. You should begin to fill out the rest of your profile right away.

All oDesk providers must pass the oDesk Readiness Test. You cannot apply to job openings unless you are oDesk Ready. This open book test is designed as a tutorial to help familiarize users with oDesk policies and practices. (effective June 4, 2008)

That's it! Congratulations! You're on your way now to earning dollars weekly! If you still have questions on how to go about the process, you are free to email me: jc.wfh.888 (AT)gmail(DOT)com.

Good luck and Happy oDesk Gig Hunting!

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08 April 2009

Fortemall: A New Way to Teach and Earn Online

We've been hearing a lot about online teaching lately. From teaching programming skills to online students to teaching English to Koreans. While teaching online alone is already an enjoyable and rewarding experience, Fortemall has even made it better. With Fortemall, you can now sell your specialized skills, knowledge and know-how more effectively by listing your courses through ForteMall. All you just need to do is sign up. Don't worry, it's for FREE.

Here's to give you more idea about Fortemall:

(taken from Fortemall's About Us page)

Founded in 2007 and launched in April 2008, ForteMall, Inc. created a new way to learning/training marketplace. This new creative marketplace connects many of people around the world, empowering them to explore new opportunities and innovate together.

ForteMall Inc. does this by providing the Internet platforms of choice for global learning/training market, payments and communications.

Company Narrative

Over the past 10 years, the Internet has expanded, and so has humankind's relationship with it. More and more of our day-to-day activities are conducted online. The Internet continually enhances our ability to connect with the world around us.

Knowledge is powerful. People around the world need the knowledge, skills, and know-how to make human life improved. People seek fulfillment of learning fundamental needs in their day-to-day activities. Despite differences in language, culture and economic status, people are united in their fundamental need to learn.

ForteMall's original vision was to create the world's first global learning/training marketplace. We saw a "knowledge market" in which anyone in the world could sell or buy any course for a flat way.

We will continue to innovate and integrate the technologies and policies that make these day-to-day learning/training activities even more trusted, fair and efficient than they are today.

Many of people who use ForteMall today are already experiencing this new way to learn and teach. ForteMall Inc. will make it so easy and rewarding to engage in Social Education that we believe more people will participate. And this next generation will bring with them new services, ideas and opportunities for everyone.

Happy Online Teaching!

06 April 2009

Tips on How to Get that First oDesk Assignment

First off, I would like to congratulate those people who signed up on oDesk recently. You are on your way to earning a good weekly income. To those who have not signed up yet I suggest you do (Here's the link).

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

For those who don't have any idea of what I'm talking about, you may check out my blog post about earning from home. You'll also see my weekly earnings there.

Next, ever since I posted a screenshot of my weekly earnings from oDesk, a lot of people have been asking me how I did it. I figured it would be best to post some tips that could help oDesk newbies out there to land on that first assignment.

Here goes…

  1. Spruce up your profile. Remember that there are thousands of oDesk providers that have the same skills as you do. You need to be assertive enough to market yourself to get that first oDesk assignment. Check out other profiles to get ideas on how to do it.
  2. This next tip is very important. Remember that the first thing an oDesk buyer looks at is your hourly rate. If you've just registered and haven't received any assignments yet, it would be best to go for a low rate first. Believe me, it works. I cannot stress enough how important this is. I guess I can only tell you that a lot of my fellow oDeskers were surprised to learn that I got my first assignment in less than a month while they had to wait for several months to get their first gig.
  3. Never go tired of applying.
  4. Be the first to check out the new Job openings at oDesk everyday. Although oDesk sends you a daily update thru email of the latest job openings, you would be at an advantage if you get to apply while there's still a short list of applicants.
  5. While waiting, take tests that match your skills. Show scores that really prove that you have mastered your skill. You wouldn't want an oDesk buyer to see a score of 2.5 out of 5.0 in Article writing if you are promoting yourself as an article writer.
  6. Prepare a good cover letter. When I say good, it must be really good. Ready made cover letters are good, but if you are really serious about your application, it would be best to come up with something that is tailored to the needs of your prospective buyer.
  7. Be available on instant messengers for a chat interview. If you mentioned in your cover letter that you'll be available on Skype or Yahoo Messenger from 8am to 12pm Eastern Standard time, then you have to be online during that timeframe.
  8. Once an interview is finished, send a thank you email to the buyer. It may sound redundant since you would be thanking the interviewer at the end of the chat session. But believe me, it helps. Remember, you are not the only one who's being interviewed by that buyer.
  9. Build a good relationship with your buyer. Make sure that you meet his needs (don't overdo it though). Building a good relationship has a lot of lasting benefits. Not only will it help you get a good feedback score at the end of the assignment, you also increase the chances of getting your buyer hire you again for future assignments. That I guess is the most fulfilling part – establishing trust.

Once you've followed these tips, and have successfully ended an assignment with a good feedback score (that's 5 stars, of course), you now have the option to either stay with your current rate if you're already comfortable with it or take it a notch higher, if you think you're worth it.

Happy Job Hunting!

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Making Money Online through Writing – The PLR Way (Part 2)

What would you need?

Writing skills, of course. But you can also hire somebody to write for you instead (a.k.a. ghostwriter). Just consider the extra cost because you’ll be paying them. Nevertheless, your articles have to be of good content. Otherwise, you’ll need real great selling skills instead to be able to market a poor quality article. Remember, people will be using your article, probably, as web content. And they are paying for it. So make it worth the price. And never mind if people would edit it anyway. 

For the basics you’ll also need a PC system with a word processor, an internet connection and a website (a simple one will do) where you’ll be selling your PLR articles.

How to get started?

First off, you’re selling articles in package, probably with 2 or more different articles for a single topic. Consider how much you’ll charge for it. Remember that different people have different budget lines. 

How do you sell it?

When you’re selling PLR, meaning, you’re offering your articles to potential customers. Match your article content with the right people. Find the right people on the web and offer them your work. Because you’re offering a specific product, target also a niche market. You can find lots of them in online communities – in social sites and forums. For a start you can email them after you have established connection.

Having your own website is also plus. This is where you’ll introduce yourself and what you’re selling. It can serve as your online store and virtual office, which add up to a more professional look. Whenever you have contacts, you can just direct them to your website’s URL.  And it’s much easier than sending business letter emails to mailing lists.

So why again is writing PLR profitable? Because website content is always in-demand. It’s a fact that many websites are looking for web content and web content writers as well. That’s one reason you’ll never run out of potential customers.

So if you’re writing and want to try free lance, PLR is a great opportunity. To cash in money from this, it depends on your skills, content, and marketing.

05 April 2009

Making Money Online through Writing – The PLR Way (Part 1)

What is PLR? How does it work?

It’s no secret that one of the many sure ways to make money online is through writing. But how do you actually cash in on this? You can do it in many different ways – either you get yourself hired as a web content writer or web copywriter, or you can also go freelance (Most online writers have their own preferences).

But if you’re already into online writing, you definitely have to check out PLR, or Private Label Rights, as a great money making opportunity. It might sound complicated (like it’s some sort of financial, legal matters in court), no it’s not. Basically, these are just for sale articles or write ups. You write an article, then you sell it to somebody else and they’re free to use it for whatever purpose they want. Usually these are sold by bundles or packages of 2 or more articles at a time on 1 topic or subject.

Well, you can generally consider it as web content writing, because most of the time these are used as website content. The good news is that many web owners are on the look out for these, because it probably cost cheaper than hiring an online writer. So you’re pretty much like an online ghostwriter now, but, here’s the big difference – you’re not employed. You still write but you’re the boss.

So, you can consider it as an online job and business at the same time. A job, because you do the work – you write, and a business, because you also sell your write ups.

And here’s another advantage of PLR--- a package of articles can be sold and resold a number of times to different people. If you’re selling a package of 10 articles for $10 and you managed to sell it to somebody, it’s not exclusive. You are free to resell the same set of articles to others as well. It’s like having 1 product and selling it to 5 different customers and you get 5 times the profit.

Now you might be wondering, how can this happen? It doesn’t look good to find 2 competitor websites having the same web content. Somebody could be in danger of plagiarism. Well did I mentioned that, when somebody buys PLR articles, he owns them and is free to do whatever he wants with them? I just did. Meaning, he can also change or edit the article if he so wished (and you cannot do anything about it). It’s the usual practice nowadays, because naturally website owners know that PLRs are not exclusively theirs. There - problem solved.

Next post: Part 2 of PLR. So, stay tuned!

04 April 2009

Clickbank Now Available in the Philippines

Yes, that's right.  I just registered with Clickbank and I have seen it with my own eyes that it has now included Philippines as one of its participating countries. Ain't that great or what? 

You can now choose from a wide array of products in the marketplace then sell them! Commissions range from 30 to 75%. Just remember though, NO SPAMMING! Try to be creative in selling the products of your interest. Remember that YOU represent the product that you are selling. So, before you think of your own commission think about your customers, too. Last, try to carefully pick the products that you're selling. Not only should you consider if the products are of your interest, but also try to "dissect" if the product is worth selling. It pays to choose wisely.

Happy Selling!

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03 April 2009

Work from Home Job Sites for Filipinos

A lot of my friends have been asking me where they could apply for jobs that will allow them to go freelance or work from home. I remember receiving an email two weeks ago asking about sites for online jobs. Although I replied with helpful answers, I thought it would be best to come up with a list of Filipino job sites for telecommuters and post it here. 


They really live up to their name. This is where I was able to get most of my gigs in the past. For most people who want to try to work from home, is one of the many freelancer sites that you can visit. They offer the basics of every freelancing site like free registration, job postings and bids. One unique thing about them though is they allow their users to create a web address for future employers to view. To filter home based or work from home jobs, simply type the keywords "home based" or "work from home" and it will give you the results that you need.

  1. Filipino Freelancers 

Site specifically designed for Filipino freelancers which offers a wide array of jobs from Account to Instructor, from Marketing Specialist to Translator. Tabs include a page for Employers, Freelancers and Job postings. 

  1. Pinoylancer is a decent place to get quality freelance job. Site interface is clean and easy, and registration is free. Gigs are sorted through different categories although the site cannot really boast of an extensive pool of job offers. 

  1. Bayanweb is a site for freelancers to look for jobs, post their resume, learn new skills and be a part of a community with “growing potentials.” Articles ranging from basic and to intermediate level tutorials are developed by senior Bayanweb members and by the site as well. Skill evaluation is also offered, as well as task “level up” where you care given more challenging tasks from time to time. 

  1. is a website that would allow people, who have chosen to work from home as a freelance writer, decide if it’s really the job for them. Users can choose on the genre that they want to use, and their area of expertise. Registration is free and payment scheme is very flexible. 


Philippine’s Premiere Online Writing Community. Most of the assignments taken are based on provider’s preferred time and availability. While working at home is an option, working in their office is preferred to “manage you better.” Promotions, salary increase and other perks are available for providers who will work long term. 


The site, in effect, does not really offer the jobs posted but are actually jobs searched from different job finder’s site, collated and categorized, and presented or displayed on the page. While freelance jobs in the Philippines is a rarity, you can filter your search and include Asia or World-Wide in your search to start searching for freelance jobs outside the Philippines

  1. provides its users a free web space to post jobs and products to sell while interacting with the entire Sulit community. Site also offers paid banner ads but registration is free. 


If you are a job seeker and you want to find jobs “specifically catered to Filipinos,” you might want to give this site a look. Job categories include marketing, tourism, healthcare, manufacturing and a lot more. They also have a resume wizard to help people get started with their resumer. 


The site’s distinct feel lies on the fact that it is specifically created for Filipino teachers. If you are a teacher, you can post your resume here and have prospective students search you by age, gender, city, major and webcam availability.  

Happy Job Hunting!

01 April 2009

Quick Ways To Make Money Online

Now, don't get me wrong here. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

I decided to write this article since I'm in a middle of a creative block (ha!). Yes, I figured if this"mental constipation" keeps on happening, it would be best to find ways to keep the cash flow going. What good way to earn money online if you don't even have to exert too much effort in getting the good cash in.

Here goes my top three:

1. Sell your stuff online. New, used, if it takes up too much space in your house, sell 'em! The best site to sell them of course is Ebay.

2. Join Pay to Click Sites. Although this is a no brainer, you still have to make sure that you have the required payment method. Most of them have Alertpay and Paypal as their payment methods.  To tell you honestly, I've tried several PTC sites but the one that I liked the best is Neobux.

3. Paid surveys. There are a lot that are offering this service but  AWSurveys is still the best. Surveys are paid from $4-$6 and minimum payout is $75 - very achievable. Payment methods are either thru Alertpay and Paypal.

Now, that was a good breather... I can get back to my writing now ;-).

It would be best that you research first before joining any affiliate or referral programs. 

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