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05 April 2009

Making Money Online through Writing – The PLR Way (Part 1)

What is PLR? How does it work?

It’s no secret that one of the many sure ways to make money online is through writing. But how do you actually cash in on this? You can do it in many different ways – either you get yourself hired as a web content writer or web copywriter, or you can also go freelance (Most online writers have their own preferences).

But if you’re already into online writing, you definitely have to check out PLR, or Private Label Rights, as a great money making opportunity. It might sound complicated (like it’s some sort of financial, legal matters in court), no it’s not. Basically, these are just for sale articles or write ups. You write an article, then you sell it to somebody else and they’re free to use it for whatever purpose they want. Usually these are sold by bundles or packages of 2 or more articles at a time on 1 topic or subject.

Well, you can generally consider it as web content writing, because most of the time these are used as website content. The good news is that many web owners are on the look out for these, because it probably cost cheaper than hiring an online writer. So you’re pretty much like an online ghostwriter now, but, here’s the big difference – you’re not employed. You still write but you’re the boss.

So, you can consider it as an online job and business at the same time. A job, because you do the work – you write, and a business, because you also sell your write ups.

And here’s another advantage of PLR--- a package of articles can be sold and resold a number of times to different people. If you’re selling a package of 10 articles for $10 and you managed to sell it to somebody, it’s not exclusive. You are free to resell the same set of articles to others as well. It’s like having 1 product and selling it to 5 different customers and you get 5 times the profit.

Now you might be wondering, how can this happen? It doesn’t look good to find 2 competitor websites having the same web content. Somebody could be in danger of plagiarism. Well did I mentioned that, when somebody buys PLR articles, he owns them and is free to do whatever he wants with them? I just did. Meaning, he can also change or edit the article if he so wished (and you cannot do anything about it). It’s the usual practice nowadays, because naturally website owners know that PLRs are not exclusively theirs. There - problem solved.

Next post: Part 2 of PLR. So, stay tuned!


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