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28 May 2009

Still Can't Get Enough of Making Money Online With Music? Try is another great paid-to-review-music website which allows users to participate in surveys, rating the given tracks of unsigned artists and earning rewards after that. This rating system also serves as an official research tool for some institutions in the music industry, including radio/TV stations and record labels.

How does this all work?

Signing up is free.  Once done, you are now eligible to participate in the surveys, tracks form unsigned artists which can come in both audio and video format.

Surveys are by invitation only, sent via email. That means you have to wait for your surveys to come, and you can only access the surveys (offered to you) when you receive the invitation and accept it. Also, these usually run for a certain period of time before poll is close so users should be regularly checking their emails for updates.   

The Reward System

Well, you don’t get hard cash but you do earn points for each survey you take that can be converted to cash vouchers which you can use with online retailer programs like Upon signup you’ll get free 100 points in your account to start with. Number of points at stake varies from survey to survey, and may depend on how long or how complex the given survey is.

You can easily access your points on the Prize Store under your account. If you wish to redeem them, indicate how many points and an equivalent voucher code will be sent via your email. This, in turn, is what you will use to spend with Songpeople’s Prize Partners. Choose among these online retail stores and you will then receive the appropriate e-voucher for the specific store. Note that your voucher code via email can come within 42-days time, while your e-voucher for the chose Prize Partner is within 10days time.

Also, Songpeople also hold online competitions from time to time. You will be notified via email if you win any price, such as CDs and other freebies, so you can confirm your address for shipment of the item in 42 days. Plus, in Songpeople you also get the latest updates inside the music industry. 

Sellaband: Another Online Money Making Opportunity for Music Lovers is an online community of aspiring new artists and music fans. It works pretty much like Slicethepie, in which its system works for both the artists and users as well. Sites like this are always good breeding ground to find new artists. There are lots of new music, new talents, plus you get to meet and socialize with other users as well. What’s cool is that you can also customize your profile/home page, upload photos, playlists, and blog posts too. 

What’s in store in Sellaband?

Signup is totally free. You can sign up as an Artist or a Believer (Sellaband users are called Believers). 

Artists need to raise at least $50,000 before they are able to do album recording, and this amount is actually reached through collectible contributions from music fans. Minimal investment for users to support their favorite artist is only $10. That’s why users are called “Believers”, because in doing so, you become a “Believer” of that artist. This is also called the “Buying Part”. The cool thing here is that, you can freely increase your contribution to that artist (before he reaches the quota), say give another $10 or $20, or you can move your contributions to another artist if you want to, or you can take your money back instead. Almost nothing to lose.
Sellaband also have an Incentive Program (loaded with prizes and items) exclusive for those who invested more than $10 in a particular artist. 

Besides money, there are other ways to help your favorite artist in their fund-raising. You can campaign them to your personal network and online communities, giving them more exposure.  
In return, if your chosen artist successfully raised sufficient support and recorded the album, you get the limited edition CD shipped to your address, or free album download instead. Also for every Part you bought (multiple contributions), you get 50% discount for every CD copy you’ll buy in the market.  

Plus Believers also get a share in the revenue on album sales. So naturally, it would be beneficial also to you to promote your artist’s record.  The more albums sold, the more shares you get. In fact, Sellaband claims that as much as 50% of net revenues went to the Believers during a 5 years time. 

06 May 2009

Get Paid to Review Music - Do it Through Slicethepie

What is Slicethepie? 

Slicethepie is an online community of new artists and music fans, which both share benefits from the web-based service. It was founded by David Courtier-Dutton back in 2007, and as of to date, has grown to more than 9,000 artists and 50,000 scouts.

First of all, if you’re an artist, Slicethepie a great place to sell yourself and your music. Slicethepie is designed to help new artists (amateurs and unsigned singles, bands, groups) kick off their careers. Through Slicethepie, an artist can raise funds from music fans to literally finance their album recording and releasing. It also offers much needed marketing and exposure. It’s also a great place for music fans to find new songs and new artists. 

Next, we’ve mentioned the term “scouts.” Users or “scouts” are the ones who listen to tracks, rate music, and post a written reviews about what they have listened. Now here’s the punchline: Scouts get paid for their music reviews.  

In other words, is really an online money making opportunity - a get-paid-to-review-music site. New artists signup and create their own account where they can upload their music (The name of the artist is not disclosed by this time) then scouts get the chance to listen and review them.

Note that scouts are expected to post quality reviews - just a few lines will do. You cannot, of course, cheat on this by just copy-pasting, Slicethepie can easily check plagiarism. And while Slicethepie encourages an honest feedback, you can opt for a constructive criticism instead rather than giving out indecent comments and have your account terminated.

For scouts, there is also a rating system. You can improve your status by writing quality, constructive reviews and scouting actively or regularly. The better your status, the higher your rate for each review you give. 

Minimum payout is only £5, and you can withdraw it via PayPal. Note, your first £5 must be invested in your chosen artist though. 

What’s more, not only does Slicethepie allow every music fan to play like talent scout, it gives ordinary users the opportunity to be investors as well for their favorite artist.  

If you know the trade in the music industry, you know you’ll definitely earn from this. Users as investors rely on their own judgment (and instinct) on finding which artist had the potential to be a future success. The catch is that, fans can then invest (for a minimal amount) and later get a share of profit. 

Among the thousands of new artists on Sliecethepie’s listing, the top 2% (who gets the best reviews) are put upfront for 2 weeks to raise more funds. How can fans help out their favorite artist? They can buy backstage passes at £5 (investment) each or buy contracts for as low as £1.50. If the artists reached the sufficient amount of £15,000 from fans’ contributions, they’re now ready for the album recording, releasing, and contract signing. 

Under Slicethepie, formal contract period is 2 years. Payout for investors depends on the number of albums and singles sold. Royalty of £2 goes to Slicethepie for every album and 20p for every single. Artists, in return, keep all copyrights and the sales from the backstage passes. 

So just how big is Slicethepie now? By 2008, it already has financed more than 11 artists since its launch in June 2007, reaching £200,000 from fan contributions, and paid back £40,000 to their scouts. Also in 2008, Slicethepie has had $2 million investment coming from Bob Holt (Mear’s CEO), Mark Taylor (Microsoft’s UK director), and Gavin Breeze (Datacash founder) for site improvement.


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