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25 April 2009

Get Paid to Post - Part 2

PayPerPost (PPP) is another paid-to-blog service. In PPP, bloggers are called Posties and to date, PPP boasts of having the largest sponsored content marketplace in the world. 

Unlike other paid-blogging services that offer campaigns, in PPP you can choose which particular subject you want to write about. Upon registration, you can browse through the marketplace for “opportunities” posted by advertisers and choose the ones you like – preferably most relevant to your blog.

While pro-bloggers can charge advertisers their rate-per-post, other paid-blogging services usually get a large cut from that because they serve as middlemen between the advertisers and the blogger. If your blog is generating enough traffic, you can opt for PayPerPost Direct, a system which allows the blogger to deal directly with PPP advertisers.

You can put PayPerPost Direct’s widget in your blog.  If an advertiser would want to include a sponsored posting in your blog, they can just click on the widget to be directed to you. It would then handle the requirements for a complete transaction such as negotiation, payment processing and tax reporting for a 1-time 10% service fee. This feature is available for all PPP bloggers for TypePad and Blogger.

For PPP’s referral program, you can get paid when others sign up through your Referral Badge and SignUp Forms. Under the Referral Badge, you earn $15 when your referred blogger also gets payment for his approved post. For the SignUp Forms, when your referred blogger joined PPP through your SignUp form, you get paid when your referred blogger also get paid. The same thing if an advertiser sign up through this form, you get paid after the advertiser made the first deposit.

Payment is via PayPal.

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