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17 March 2009

What Started it All

It has been 4 Months, 20 Days and 3 hours since I last stepped into a corporate office.

I used to work as an operations manager for a call center here in the Philippines. There was no problem working in a call center. As a matter of fact, I've been with the industry for almost eight years. Every minute was full of fun and excitement. I remember those days when I would always look forward to spending most of my weekends with my team, somewhere in the countryside just to chill out, relax and just spend time knowing them outside of work... Good times.

Thing is, IT WAS NOT FOR ME.

It was the 26th of October, 2008. I remember waking up one morning in my barely furnished condo unit saying aloud, "I should buy a computer today!" just like that. I said it aloud as if I wasn't worrying about the bills that I still had to pay, to think that my fridge was almost empty and needed to be refilled. Still, that day ended with me bringing a second hand desktop PC as my first piece of "furniture" in my condo's living area. From then on, there was no turning back.

I remember the day when I had my first work from home assignment. I earned $2 and I was so happy about it. I know it was barely enough to even cover the cab fare I spent for bringing home my second hand pc, but it was a start for me. Soon after, I just had to look for more ways to be productive. Only a few days after I got my first $2-assignment, a better one came along and it earned me $70 plus some really good feedback for a job well done. I remember spending at least 4 hours a day, applying for hourly jobs and only end up receving reject emails the following day. Still it didn't keep me from applying for more jobs. It was not long after that I just suddenly realized that I have already earned more than what I paid for my ever-reliable second hand pc. Before my first month ended, I could have bought another PC anytime.

So, on my second month, I bought a laptop instead :)

Now, do you want to know what else happened on the third and fourth month? Please refer to the short list below :) :

3rd month - I got my first assistant
4th month - I got my second assistant

And the list will just continue now that three heads are better than one!

So, what's with this Pinay Project?

It's all about Productivity, Paying forward and being the modern independent PINAY. After months of pondering and figuring out ways on how to be productive and be financially stable, I thought it would be best not to confine my experience within the four walls of my condo. Sharing my experience would be a good start to pay forward whatever I have reaped today.

Thing is, this has been my mindset: Rather than merely treating a work from home setup as an opportunity to spend more time with my family (which I also consider as something very important), I treated it as an opportunity to LIVE more and BE more --- discover my potential, have the ability to think outside the box, and eventually align it with the potential to earn more.

Think about it, my fellow Pinays! ;)

My next blog posts will be all about ways to earn income in the comforts of your own home. So, stay tuned!

Be productive, Pinay!


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