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30 March 2009

How to Live the Law of Attraction

There have been a lot of people now and also in history, that have credited their success to the Law of Attraction--- success in their business, career, family, and personal lives as well. If you take time to hear their success stories, you’ll definitely be blown away. How did this Law of Attraction became their secret? What has this Law of Attraction have to do to them? We’ll, they simply applied it.

So first off, what is this Law of Attraction anyway?

In simple terms, the Law of Attraction is just “sow and reap”, specifically, in your mind, in your thoughts, and the same you get in real life. The Law of Attraction emphasizes the power of the mind. In the Law of Attraction, the mind can create. Yes, it’s that simple. Your mind can create. What you think of can come true, whether it’s positive or negative it solely depends on your thinking. Good thoughts attract good things and bad thoughts attract bad things - as simple as that.

It’s one of those “universal” laws. What’s also great with the Law of Attraction is that it applies to anybody. It’s a natural phenomenon that not everybody is aware of. As long as your brain is functioning and you can think, there are no other qualifications needed. Male or female, young or old, in the Law of Attraction there are no gender differences, no age or racial factor involved. Just about anybody (who can think), can do it.

Now that it seems interesting, your next question would be - how do you apply the Law of Attraction? Well, at least, if you want to give it a try. Not only is the law of attraction simple to understand, it is also fairly simple to do. And if you’re still skeptical, there’s nothing to lose.

First, understand the way you think.

Our thoughts, or the way we think now, have been molded over time. The way we think may be influenced by other external factors such as emotion, education, life experiences at work or at home, and relationships as well. But at the end of the day, all these come together in our minds. We think about these things. We ponder. In time, we were already acustomed to think the way we do.

This explains why some people have positive dispositions in life and some do not. You’ve probably met people with ready smiles all day as if they don’t have any problems to take care of, while some people act like they wake up on the wrong side of the bed every morning.

Second, decide.

Whatever that is, whatever your thought life has become, the good news is that our thoughts can be corrected, for good. The Law of Attraction has two-sides of a coin, either you attract good things or bad things in your life. Of course you want the good things. That is why you have to "act" on your thoughts.

Let’s get the ball rolling –

Applying the Law of Attraction and Living it

Get your thoughts in check.
Subconciously, we are inclined to think positively or negatively on different matters. Sometimes we are aware of it, but often times we’re not. To be able to apply the solution, of course you have to identify the problem first. Be aware of your thoughts when its happening.

Practice positive thinking.
If you’re used to think negatively about something, do the opposite. Because you are “use to”, meaning it has already been part of your system, naturally, it would be quite a struggle at first. But do it anyway. Think positive. Plus it greatly influence your emotions too.

Dream and focus. Think of what you want and you’ll get it.
The Law of Attraction is not just about thinking, its also about getting (using your thinking). Everybody has dreams. While some are living their dreams by one reason or another, for many though, their dreams remain as - dreams.

Say you want something – your dream car? Dream house? Dream job? Or perhaps you want to quit your job and start your “dream” business?

Whatever that is, make it clear in your mind what you really want. Be decided with what you want to have or what you want to achieve. Then think about it constantly. Ponder about it. Think of having it rather than not having it. Do not doubt.

Avoid being passive and negative. Do not entertain negative thoughts that pops in your mind. Avoid negative emotions too. Thoughts influence emotion and vice versa. Be in control of these both. Remember well how the the Law of Attraction works. So while your negative thoughts are pulling bad things nearer, the same is pushing your dream farther.

Make positive thinking a habit, and soon you’ll see that it has become part of yourself that it would no longer be an effort to do so. There are many people who’ve already applied the Law of Attraction, hear their stories and learn from them - how they started, their ways to control their thoughts and train themselves, and the success that the Law of Attraction has brought them. The Law of Attraction is simple to understand, simple to do, and free for all.


NetBizSavvy said...

I remember one episode from Oprah's show about "Law of Attraction" wherein believers have this "dreamboard" thing and it's so amazing that everything really happened.

Gusto ko nga rin sana gumawa ng dreamboard at ipost sa wall ng room ko kaso baka tanungin ako ng nanay ko kung anong kalokohan lang yun..hehe! Siguro sa blog lang..

Passion Gallery said...

Oh boy. this is something I need to practice real big time.

People have the tendency to forget about saving when depressed and since I am the emotional type... I don;t get to save a lot at all... lol

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