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31 March 2009

"I Have My Savings. What Now?"

In the process of prosperity, these are two very important words to remember: sow and reap.  So simple yet so powerful. It’s actually a law of nature: Plant today and you’ll harvest something in the future. 

Sow and reap. This principle can be applied to most aspects of our lives, and is sooooo very familiar. 

Do you believe in “karma?" Of course, who doesn’t?! But how often do we overlook this principle when it comes to our finances?  

The common DILEMMA here is that most people have not really been serious in considering the power of sowing and reaping in money matters.


Saving and Sowing 

“But I’m saving..!” That’s good. For a start. But not good enough because there is something better. 

Now don’t get me wrong. Saving up is good. It’s a basic necessity in good financing. It’s probably one of the first things you have to learn before venturing into investments. Saving is also a good habit because it involves discipline on your part, being responsible for your money and not indulging yourself in overspending. Most importantly, saving up keeps you away from much hated debts. So true. 

“But I’m saving..!”, and how many times do you hear that? Even 5-year olds can save! Saving up money is important, but for many people, it’s the end of the story. 

Saving is NOT sowing. Don’t, no, I mean never, associate these 2 words together because they’re completely different. 

In saving, your money is sleeping. But in investing, your money is working (for you, even if you’re sleeping). 

You can consider your savings as backup funds, in case you’ll need some cash in the future, great! But after you’ve used up your savings, now what? Save some more? Here’s a better idea.

Get your money working! Invest. 

And you don’t need to be a banker to do this. This is why some people fail to invest or at least start to invest in the first place. Investing sounds so corporate. As if it involves multi-million dollar projects and only giant companies are entitled to and have the capacity to invest. A big NO NO. 

Anybody can invest (if you have the money) and it doesn’t have to be so grand. You will find plenty of ways to invest even in small amounts. 

Do remember though, no matter how small or how big the money involved, investments are risks to undertake. And that is where a real entrepreneur shows up. Investments are risks, so calculate your risks, and have the guts to go forward. 

Here’s a good example (also quite common) 

There are 3 basic ways you earn money (whether legal or not, same applies): One is by employment. Two is by business. Three is by networking. We all fall into one of these. 

Example, you started out as an employee, nothing wrong with that, because you get valuable lessons and indispensible experiences you’ll need in life. But after some time you realize your income is fixed and the same amount you expect every paycheck. And there are many other things you wanted to do but your capacity to spend is limited. 

In the meantime, the best thing to do while still working is to save up. 

And you begin to wonder, “What if I could have financial freedom instead?”. 

When you have enough money, you could scout your options to invest. Now don’t be overexcited to quit your job and embark in your dream business.

Where and how to invest? Either keeping your job and putting up a part time business you could do in your free time. That’s okay too. 

But if you don’t want to waste your savings, remember well that business requires careful planning. You can also seek professional consultation if you like. Once your system is up and going, you’ve mastered the trade and your business is stable enough (which would probably be a fruit of hard labor and dedication), you can now consider expanding your business. Either you open new branches or create a franchising system, or you can invest in other ventures as well.



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