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29 March 2009

Earn From Your Blog Through Google Adsense

This blog is barely two weeks old. I would be a hypocrite if I told you that my only intention was to share good information and insights about earning from home. Of course, I also wanted to earn from it --- through Google Adsense.

I'm no guru on Google Adsense. As a matter of fact I just learned about it two weeks ago. Before I decided to put Google Ads on my blog, I had to research day in and day out on how I could make it work for me. There were forums that were helpful enough to set my expectations that making it big with Google Adsense does not happen overnight. All of them have even said that when you are just starting, there will really be days when you would just earn 1 cent or even nothing at all.  So, here goes...

I decided to place ads on this blog as early as Day One of Work from Home: A Pinay's Project. I figured it was worth giving a try since Google Adsense is still a form of passive income that a lot of people has looked up to. 

So there...One ad unit on top, another one on the left side and another one at the bottom of the page (Google does not allow more than three ad blocks per page), clicked the Save button then waited...

24 hours has passed and I only earned 0.01 on my first day - something that I already expected. I figured if I just waited again after uploading my second post, I might just end up with another cent or  nothing at all. 

After simultaneously working with both my creativity (for my content) and logic (for my adsense strategy), I was finally able to come up with a list of action items on what to do next to up my adsense game. I carried it out as early as Day 2, then to Day 3... Day 4...Day 5. It was after a week that I realized I was already averaging 50 cents a day - not bad. At the end of the first week, I have already earned $5 - not too much but at least it's better than 7 cents.

Now that I have tested it, I have decided to list down my top 5 and share it with you:

1. It pays to have a lot of traffic to your site. The reason why I wasn't surprised to only get 1 cent on my first day was I still didn't know how to generate traffic to my blog. One good way to increase traffic is by submitting your site to directories.

2. Ad placement plays an important role in increasing the chances for your ads to be clicked. The ads below my blog title are so far my best players. It wouldn't hurt if you try the same thing with your ad placements. If it doesn't work for you, change it. 

3. Blend your ads with your page. It's already obvious - they're ads. You wouldn't want them to be "shouting out loud" that they're ads. Try to blend and match it with th color scheme of your page (it worked for me).

4. Use channels. Channels are a means for Google to generate reports that are drilled down per page or per ad block or per date. They help a lot in improving your adsense game. It's good to know how you can still make your strategy better through the use of channels. 

5. Most important of all, build GOOD CONTENT. Although there are keywords that need to be considered in order for your site to be optimized, always remember that you are writing for your audience, not for Google's crawlers.

There are still a lot of tips out there which might just also work for you.  Check out this video to find out:


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