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28 May 2009

Still Can't Get Enough of Making Money Online With Music? Try is another great paid-to-review-music website which allows users to participate in surveys, rating the given tracks of unsigned artists and earning rewards after that. This rating system also serves as an official research tool for some institutions in the music industry, including radio/TV stations and record labels.

How does this all work?

Signing up is free.  Once done, you are now eligible to participate in the surveys, tracks form unsigned artists which can come in both audio and video format.

Surveys are by invitation only, sent via email. That means you have to wait for your surveys to come, and you can only access the surveys (offered to you) when you receive the invitation and accept it. Also, these usually run for a certain period of time before poll is close so users should be regularly checking their emails for updates.   

The Reward System

Well, you don’t get hard cash but you do earn points for each survey you take that can be converted to cash vouchers which you can use with online retailer programs like Upon signup you’ll get free 100 points in your account to start with. Number of points at stake varies from survey to survey, and may depend on how long or how complex the given survey is.

You can easily access your points on the Prize Store under your account. If you wish to redeem them, indicate how many points and an equivalent voucher code will be sent via your email. This, in turn, is what you will use to spend with Songpeople’s Prize Partners. Choose among these online retail stores and you will then receive the appropriate e-voucher for the specific store. Note that your voucher code via email can come within 42-days time, while your e-voucher for the chose Prize Partner is within 10days time.

Also, Songpeople also hold online competitions from time to time. You will be notified via email if you win any price, such as CDs and other freebies, so you can confirm your address for shipment of the item in 42 days. Plus, in Songpeople you also get the latest updates inside the music industry. 


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Uuugh, was my comment deleted? Here we go, again.

This sounds really promising. I'm a big music fan, so you know haha, and I've got friends who love and actually produce their own music. This seems like the kind of thing indie artists would love. Who doesn't love being rewarded for offering their often unwanted two cents? And of course, there's always the noble incentive of helping out the music industry.

Great blog! I'll be keeping an eye on this. : )

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